Paula's Blog Painting: How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color You have a lot of freedom in painting the rooms inside your home, but that doesn’t make it easy to pick a color. Whether you are the type of person who lives peacefully among neutral tones or you have a vibrant personality that requires bold colors, you will want to use these tips to help […]
Paula's Blog How your credit score affects mortgage approval If you’re planning to buy a house, managing your credit score is vital. Mortgage lenders use credit scores as a benchmark for qualification, and a lower score can hurt your chances of being approved for a mortgage. Here are some more details about how credit scores affect your mortgage loan chances: What should my score […]
Paula's Blog Selling a house as-is: A real estate guide If a home requires a significant number of repairs, the seller has the option of selling the house as is. This can help alleviate the stress and costs of major repairs while preparing a home for the market. While this strategy isn’t right for every situation, understanding the process can be beneficial to your home […]
Paula's Blog Trends: Fireplace designs that won’t quit When interior designers or architects design fireplaces, they often go with the classic brick fireplace or a timeless marble fireplace, which often serves as the focal point for a living room or dining room. But homeowners may be looking for fresh fireplace ideas that step outside the traditional setup, or want to explore new ways […]
Paula's Blog Save space with these DIY storage ideas Many homeowners turn to DIY storage ideas to get organized without breaking the bank. No matter what size of home you live in, storage space can seem hard to find – but this is especially true for smaller houses. How can you squeeze storage space out of every single nook and cranny in your small […]
Paula's Blog Home insurance inspection: What to expect To obtain or keep a homeowners insurance policy, your home may need to have a home insurance inspection. Insurance companies use inspections to identify any liability issues with your property and determine the amount of risk associated with its condition or features. If you take some time to prepare, you might be able to identify […]
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